Beyond The Stars, March 28th-30th 2014

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Petite Solo Overall

4th- "I Just Wanna Be Happy" Sara Giles

Junior Solo Overall

1st- "Body Language" Julia Myers

2nd- "Cover Girl" Camryn Tomaszewski

9th- "Anything Can Happen" Caleigh Kellerman

Title Winner- "Body Language" Julia Myers

Teen Solo Overall

3rd- "Roar" Stephanie Gennusa

4th- "Lullabies" Sydney Kane

7th- "Spell" Brooke Sufrin

9th- "Heart Cry" Kelsey Shapiro

10th- "Showstopper" Alex Quadrino

Senior Solo Overall

2nd- "Blank Page" Jessica Katz

4th- "Bound To You" Danielle Monteverde

5th- "Gravity" Shoshanna Melis

6th- "Undone" Cristina Garelli

Title Winner- "Blank Page" Jessica Katz


Petite Duo/Trio Overall

2nd- "When I Grow Up" Ryleigh Pam, Isabella Miller, Olivia Nagel

3rd- "Walkin' On Sunshine" Sara Giles & Bailey Mellor

Junior Duo/Trio Overall

1st- "Graffiti" Julia Myers & Bridget Sullivan

2nd- "Boys Night Out" DJ Porter, Justin Laboy, Jake Shapiro

Teen Duo/Trio Overall

1st- "The Journey" Julia Myers, Stephanie Gennusa, Danielle Monteverde

3rd- "Drums" Allison VerStraten, Lyle Krevitsky, Alexandra Ranuado

4th- "Fix You" Alexandra Quadrino & Cristina Garelli

4th- "Bang Bang" Sophie McKenzie, Kayla DePaoli, Sydney Kane

5th- "The Reach" ShoShanna Melis & Stephanie Gennusa

Senior Duo/Trio Overall

1st- "Hiding Under Water" Alexandra Quadrino, Jessica Katz, Danielle Monteverde



Petite Small Group Overall

1st- "Bingo"

2nd- "Boots"

Petite Large Group Overall

1st- "Spiders"

2nd- "Let's Chill"


Junior Small Group Overall

1st- "Fly"

8th- "I Love It"

Junior Large Group Overall

1st- "Batter Up"

2nd- "Arms"

3rd- "World On A String"

4th- "Freak Um"

5th- "Let's Play Clue"

Junior Line Overall

1st- "Bieber Fever"


Teen Small Group Overall

1st- "Man's World"

2nd- "Dancing Like There's No Tomorrow"

5th- "Waiting For You"

6th- "Explosions"

8th- "Say Something"

9th- "Stamina"

10th- "Oh So Hood"

Teen Large Group Overall

1st- "Lost"

2nd- "I'm Gonna Get Dat"

3rd- "Wide Awake"

4th- "Wrecking Ball"

5th- "Out Of My Head"

9th- "Flappy Bird"

10th- "All Coming Back To Me"

Teen Line Overall

1st- "How Bout This"

4th- "Kissing You"

7th- "Hoist The Colours"


Senior Small Group Overall

3rd- "Moves Like Jagger"


Junior Stellar Award- "Batter Up"

Senior Stellar Award- "Lost"

Junior Ultimate Technique Award- "World On A String"

Teen Ultimate Technique Award- "Man's World"

Special Awards-

Top Turner- "Heart Cry" Kelsey Shaprio

One Woman Show- "Oh La La" Meaghan Unger

Creative Prop & Team Confidence- "Skyscraper"

Flawless Performance, Technical Excellence, Amazing Studio Training- "Fly"

Innovative Prop- "Spiders"

Tremendous Technique Award- "Wide Awake"




Regional Team Results

Petite Duo/Trio Novice Overall

2nd- "Two Cute" Madelyn Deviva & Kaitlyn Cooney

3rd- "Someday My Prince Will Come" Kylee Alaimo, Mackenzie Greene, Stella Kolb

Junior Duo/Trio Novice Overall

2nd- "Ladies to the Dance Floor" Juliana Colon, Sarah Mangenello, Alexa Rappa

Senior Duo/Trio Novice Overall

2nd- "Imma Monster" Bianca Cruz & Victoria Saladino

Petite Small Group Novice Overall

3rd- "Aye Carrumba"

3rd- "Shake It"

Junior Small Group Novice Overall

5th- "Fierce is Back"

Junior Large Group Novice Overall

2nd- "Cha Cha"

Teen Small Group Novice Overall

2nd- "Domination"

Teen Large Group Novice Overall

1st- "I Will Love You"

2nd- "Heaven is a Place On Earth"

3rd- "Graduation

Special Awards-

Elegance Award- "I Will Love You"

Spectacular Sass- "Aye Carrumba"